Deliciously Sweet Ice Coffee

Ice coffee can be so expensive... or it can be $1 at the local McD's, but either way, the stuff you buy from the take out place is definitely full of questionable ingredients and syrups. I've been told that the ice coffee for one giant chain just sits in open vats for days and they scoop the coffee out of it as they go.... not so appealing. So, in an attempt to make fantastic, cheap ice coffee at home, I've discovered this amazingly good ice coffee concoction. It uses a cold water over-night soak which really helps cut down on the old-coffee bitter taste that hot brewed and cooled coffee can cause. It is really quite simple.

**First fill a large pot or container (a coffe pot will work) with 8 Tbsp of coffee and 8 cups of filtered water.
** Let this sit over night.
** In the morning, strain it through a coffee filter into a pitcher.
** Add 1 cup of half and half, or to preference and also 1 small can of sweetened condensed milk.
** Blend in a blender.
** Serve over ice packed glasses or store in the fridge for later use.


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