Father's Day Geekery: Books

If you have a geeky man in your life like we do (the dad in our fam is a Chemical Physicist who works with lasers and loves video games, comics, zombies, caffeine, and bacon...TOTAL nerd!) then Father's Day is a fantastic opportunity to spoil him with some of the awesome geeky dad inspired reads that are out there.

Here are some excellent choices for geeky dads and kids alike to promote bonding (both human and chemical)

This one brings out the pyro, explosion loving side of every true geeky dad and helps him share this passion with his like minded progeny. I figure it's safer to build a potato cannon than to make napalm, which is the last explosive project hubs and son did together!

And  here is a History geek's alternative to the above (son and I would love this one)

Here's a great answer to those hellicopter type parents out there. Geeky dads are usually the complete opposite... I'm not sure just how many times I've heard hubs say to Kaden "try licking that battery!"

Now for some personalized geeky books, just for dad:
For the Comic Book Geek:

For the Zombie Lover:

For the Video Game Junkie:

For the Bacon Connoisseur:

and bonus cookbook...

For the Star Wars Fanatic:

and bonus cookbook (wtf!):

For the Trekkie:

For the Caffeine Fiend:

plus a cookbook :p...

There's lots more for techie type nerds and computer nerds too...  but those ones are too boring for me (yawn)  so if that is your kinda daddy-nerd, I apologize!
Remember to whip up some bacon, eggs, and coffee for your geeky guy on Father's Day, then let him relax with his new reads or send him out with the kids to terrorize the neighbour hood with a potato cannon!


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